A Valentine’s Day Message For You (edited)


It’s Valentine’s Day and what better way to say “I Love You!” than with sex, candy, and some Victoria Secret’s lingerie? I am deviating from my original page’s theme in celebration of this sexually themed holiday. I was going to write a block post about the origins of Valentine’s Day starting with St. Valentine………..BORING!!!! We all know the roots of most traditional holidays began with some Pagan holiday or festival. So, Valentine’s Day probably originated from some fertility fest found in one of these ancient cultures. Sex fests were a pretty common theme in ancient history as the people recognized early on in these ancientcandy-image cultures that without sex there could be no conception, and without conception there could be no offspring, and with no offspring there could be no continued existence. Fertility festivals vary in their different ancient cultural themes and although ritually different displays mark each unique culture‘s celebration, the message still pretty much stayed the same. Thank you god for my reproductive success! Sometimes an offering or gift was given to the fertility god in the temple or a generous donation made to the temple priest, who by the way has now been replaced by your local retail dealer or local Hallmark store. Anybody make a donation yet? Anyone born November 14th?

What better way to show your gratitude for the very organs that gave you life and helped to sustain that life? What better way to give thanks for our reproductive capabilities than to shine some tender love and care on your partner‘s genitalia? What better way to give thanks to the god who has granted us the ability to experience sexual ecstasy in this ultimate act of close intimate bonding? That reminds me, don’t forget to send a card to your parents too, they were your former gods who breathed the very life you own into you!

In life, is there anything better than that which is rooted in this life sustaining act? Anything more gratifying? Anything more pleasuring? So grab your guy or grab your girl, pull the shades, and dim the light. Enjoy this day of celebration with sex and romance and give thanks to your precious origins. A spark of creative culinary inspirations!  Boob Cakes! Nothing says I love you quite like being nurtured by the breast (or penis). After all, the life-sustaining act of breast feeding set in motion our very sexual energies and drives, or at least according to Freud it did. May all of you enjoy a very Happy Valentine’s Day with your spouse or significant other!


FAT PEOPLE: Deformation or Human Being? The Dysfunctional Psychology Behind Some People’s Views and Perceptions (Edited)

“How do you see yourself?”

How do you view the differences between these two photos? Both are erotic. Both possess erotic imagery, but who is perceived as psychologically more erotic in the minds of women? Funny that the more erotic sexualized image should hold less power and is perceived as less threatening in the social unconscious of the larger ethos especially when it comes to women. Perfectly symmetrical females or semi-symmetrically proportioned females seem to be the desire of most women, and it is what both men and women seek. The very large pronounced voluptuous breast and very small waist, with hips that are proportionately equal to breast size. Aren’t fat breasts an extension of what society perceives as mother? Or an image of impregnated mother? For men it is the broad well built upper body with its bulging pectorals, tiny waist with a slightly larger proportioned hip. For the male it may hint they are in touch with their inner space. Which brings me to my next topic.


What if Alice and Wonderland is more than a childhood fairy tale? The odd connection between this tale with all its strange and eventful history, describing the distortions and delusions of one little girl’s adventure as she falls down a rabbit hold and enters Wonderland. It is suggested that these same distortions and delusions are experienced by us during the most early stages of our life, infancy. Disturbances in the stage of development reek havoc on a little child’s own personal sense of identity, which can create the same distortions and delusions that Lewis Carroll so vividly described to us.

“Aren’t fat breasts an extension of what society perceives as ‘mother?’ Or of an image of impregnated  ‘mother?'”

Excessive body manipulations, especially that of the female anatomy but is not limited to this specific gender, hints towards these early childhood distortions, delusions, and disturbances. A woman is so much more than what she appears, and so is man for that matter. More than their breasts. More than waist size. More than firm round buttocks. Yet, if it weren’t for the large sea of social unconscious, also known as the cultural ethos, which turns out to be mostly superficial in its delusion of desired attributes, little girls and men with the proper guidance, just might be able to achieve their fullest potential. Which leads me to the next topic to explore.


Do you know the term for fat people? Monstras in excessu. Deformed beings with excessive features. Why are women with excessive breast tissue not seen as monstras in excessu? Why do women seek for these disproportionately sized shapes? The book Alice in Wonderland is a vividly creative expression of how one individual’s belief of how infants see us monstrously large huge humans during our early months of life. This is expressed in the creative imagery as seen in the disproportionately large and small size and distorted features of some of the characters. Alice, after drinking the potion shrinks down to a very small size which allowed her to fall down the rabbit hole and enter Wonderland and another potion allowed her to grow extremely large while she was in Wonderland. One perception in the book’s analysis hints to psychoanalytic theory that deal with the onset of mental illness inflicted during our early childhood months. Specifically that of identity and the Oedipal fantasies stemming from our Oedipal period of development.

eating cherry.jpgIt’s been forbidden. It’s branded taboo to speak about sex and our sexual experiences. Discussions about our Oedipal period make people feel uncomfortable. Yet, in large part, it is responsible for our own personalized sexual behavior as we find ourselves secretly searching for its titillations over the internet in the secluded private space which we call home and our personal identity. In this private virtual space, which turns out to be not all that private anymore, we seek the licentious, the lustful, the decadent, and darkest desires of human nature. Draw the shades, and pull the curtains, no one has to know our deepest darkest secrets! Maybe I’m out of the loop here. Last I heard at the beginning of the new millenium, “Anything goes today.” Girls can be boys. Boys can be girls. Hetero and homo males can dress in woman’s fashion. It seems as if society is trying to break free from our former changes of restricted consciousness. Why do I have to pretend to be a boy when all I really want to be is a girl? Why do I have to pretend to like you, when all you really are is my enemy? We may secretly tell ourselves, “I love her dress. I’m going to buy it, but not for my wife. I’m buying for myself. No one has to know.” And how about the secret voice in sadistic personalities that whisper, “I like hurting you, I find the possibility of inflicting pain titillating. No one has to know.” So if society says anything goes, why do we keep them secret? We keep them secret to protect ourselves. For if they did know these shadowy Truths, it might scare them and with it, destroy our most pristine projected self image of “normality.”

“Normality – the condition of being normal, the state of being usual, typical, or expected, plain.”


Yet with this unbounded social freedom there lies a sea of social dissonance. The uncomfortable feeling of having to face what man really is at the true core of his nature, his way of being. It seems that everything is safer when people aren’t really aware of how screwed-up everything really is. So we go about our lives fooling ourselves with our own personal belief systems, with misguided views influenced by the larger social unconscious, who happens to comprise a large portion of society’s dysfunction and with it the early childhood distortions and disturbances found in the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. Believe it. It’s true, for homo ludens has told us so.

“Spoiler Alert! There is no difference between the psychology of the two females in boudoir photos (above), if the person in the first photo happens to be a nymphomaniac. Both nymphomania and overeating have its psychological roots in over stimulation.”

Next post; Anorexia; The Self-Inflicted Masochism Of The Death Instinct. (Know a skinny vegan? They may be anorexics hiding behind a screen of conscious dieting.)