About Twighlights Of Wisdom


“Can knowledge save us from malevolent destiny? If we can be courageous enough to confront what we don’t know, or more importantly, what we don’t want to know, can we win control over our own destiny?……destiny is real. Though we call it by the name of the repetition compulsion, we believe that there is a dark power in every human being that unchecked can propel a person, against their will, to a tragic end. Though we design our own destinies with our repetitions, the true architect of our fate is the unconscious………” ~Lucy Holmes, Wrestling With Destiny

Twighlights Of Wisdom is a website that is dedicated to discussing opinions, theories, and approaches to the various topics and issues pertaining to human behavior. Its intention is to serve, as a resource, to others who may be interested in changing or addressing social issues within themselves or within the larger ethos in which they live.

The branch of psychoanalysis, and this website, explore multiple areas which include, but is not limited to; psychology, sociology, psychiatry, various theories in psychoanalysis, culture, sexology, philosophy, history, classical literature, religion, and spirituality.

It is the hope and wish that everyone achieve a state of peaceful existence and balance where the various joys’ and happiness’ of living can be enjoyed, realized, and reflected upon.