Human Aggression and Destructive Game Play

Image of two female boxers.

“So important to group living to the higher primates that when individuals are separated from their groups, they suffer. R.A. Butler, in a study of “Curiosity in Monkeys,” has demonstrated that to a monkey the simple sight of another monkey is more welcome than food.”

This was proven by a Duke University Research study. “Rhesus macaques at Duke University Medical Center’s monkey colony are able to trade fruit juice for peeks at photos of female perinea (the scientific term for “bright pink monkey butt”). Researchers led by neurobiologist Michael Platt have consistently found that males are willing to trade juice to view these images and will trade more juice to look at monkey erotica than any other image, including powerful males or friendly female faces.”

In many important studies with rhesus monkeys, researchers have found that deep psychological harm can be inflicted on the young of these species if they are separated from their parents. This can and does sometimes happens in the wild and Jane van Lawick-Goodall has told of “a little male chimpanzee who had lost his mother and who became progressively more isolated, neurotic, stunted in growth, and who eventually died of a polio infection.” This sometimes happens with married couples who have enjoyed a period of longevity together. After the death of one of the spouses, the other spouses soon succumbs in death as well.

It is my opinion that the psyche of the adult human primate can be just as delicate than that of newly born offspring. The isolation and stunted growth that comes with the onset of disease which can further isolate and alienate individuals, and with the capabilities man has harnessed with the manipulation and use of electro-magnetic frequency can further complicate matters and our very delicate psychological health. This technology can illicit outward symptoms of apparent illness causing further isolation and alienation among adult male and female humans and the use of this technology is enough to spark public outrage to its possible sinister uses! Proof this technology is being used  can be summed up as follows: the brain works on two signatures, one chemical, and one electrical.

In this light, human beings are very similar to the ancestral forebears: “the most severe punishment short of death our society metes out to wrongdoers is solitary confinement. And loneliness is widely considered the most severe malady one can suffer. We are true primates in our emotional reliance on each other.” So what am I suggesting? I am suggesting that man has harnessed the capability to thin his heard, thereby getting away with murder except making it look like illness. Call me a conspiracy theorist, I don’t care. What I do know, is that this has been happening and it is happening to me and the people around me that I love.

Evolutionary biologists have repeatedly stressed that human evolution could not have played out as much as it did without our reciprocal mutual respect, mutual aid, and mutual cooperation. Our development of linguistic skills and higher problem solving capabilities have also allowed for the formation of highly sophisticated technological advancements as well as advancements in game play with all its destructive possibilities. Strategic operations and securing resources we need for our preservation and survival which has evolved the mutation we have come to know as the psychopath. Much like gender identity, the roots of psychopathy are both biological and social. That is to say, psychopaths have a predilection located on their DNA which aid in their personality formation as well as social reinforces that help promote behavior. Those internal lights that light up the brain and reward a person for behavior.

The anti-thesis to this argument of course is that hatred, conflict, and obstruction facilitates the “other’s” survival. Eliminating a perceived threat, even if that threat is delusional, seeks a grander purposes of self-preservation and here in lies the roots of man’s psychopathy. No longer living in closely knit packs on the open plains of the African Savannah, we now live in fragmented packs living in the tightly closed spaces of the concrete jungle where jobs and resources are scarce and competition fierce. Today, even more than ever before in our primate ancestral history, we have become hard pressed to seek and secure without empathy those things required for our survival. No longer enjoying unconstrained time structures, we have sacrificed some of the most important things we require for healthy living; bonding time with our family, being present in nature, and accepting and being happy with less than more. The ever elusive dollar and need for accumulated wealth has forsaken our basic primate needs. If we were ever to place an actual dollar value on these commodities I wonder what economists, lawyers, and financiers would recommend as a price tag? Also, how much would it be worth to destroy your enemy? Just ask MI6 what they dole out for sharp shooter when one is required.

Quotes taken from “The Nature of Human Aggression” by Ashley Monagu and “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” by Ogi Ogas
Disclaimer: The use of sports related performance drills, like the ones found in boxing and kick boxing, can be a fun way to relieve stress and help provide health benefits, provided that you don’t turn these skills on to your neighbor when he or she parks in your parking space or accidentally takes you newspaper.



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