How To Become Karma Free


“If you want to be Karma free go back to the original source of “prana.” So that is why our whole focus is how to go beyond the mind into the cosmic energy field and cosmic “I am.” Consciousness and energy. So as you learn the practice of Amrit Yoga and Yoga Nidra it’s all about how to go beyond the past conditioning. How to re-enter the present so you can see what is as is, but your preprogrammed past has lost touch with what is as is. Why? Because preprogrammed past has moved far away from the presence which can see what is as is. Having been separated from the presence it cannot see what is present. And therefore you look for love from outside. Why? Because your “I am” which is identified with the preprogrammed condition self-image is separated from the source of love within you. Therefore it is born looking from outside, and outside it is that means the ego mind has moved from the center of polarity, center of unity within and it is seeking from outside, so as it lives outside of the center from within, what it looks for is love from outside, and love from “other.” So what is yoga? Turned back inside. What do you have to do? You have to let go of anybody who has ever abused you, or has taken advantage of you, or has hurt you; your parents, your children, your ex-wife, your husband, everything. You have to let go of that. So then, only then, you will be dismantling from the Karmic past “belief systems” and persona, “the mask.” As you leave from the mask, the real you will begin to emerge.” ~From the teachings of Yogi Amrit Desai


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