Greyscale Goods; a new on-line shopping experience for androgynous females

For gender-nonconforming individuals finding clothing you feel comfortable in can be a daunting, unpleasant, if not impossible task. Greyscale Goods founded by Sara Medd acting CEO, is a company that will personalize your clothing selections for you. First, you fill out a profile that indicates, body shape, size, measurements, and preferences and then, Greyscale Goods selects clothing based on your feedback for you. You will then receive a box of clothing in the mail which you get to try on. If you’re not happy with any of the choices, you simply send them back in a prepaid packaged envelope. You pay only for those items you decide to keep. The ideas is ingenious! I absolutely love the concept as a business strategy and that it targets a marginalized group of individuals addressing fashion and clothing style needs. It will revolutionize the way you’ve been shopping lately.


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