Word Of The Day And A Brief Survey



The prefix of the word ‘epi’ means ‘on’ or ‘upon’. The suffix of the word ‘gamic’ means ‘to require fertilization in reproduction; sexual.’

The term Epigamic in evolutionary theory means utilizing or achieving those traits which are believed to be indicators for attraction of the opposite sex for the purpose of mating. In evolutionary theory it is seen typically in the brilliant colored plumage of the male bird. This display of color is an attracting mechanism, an indicator of established dominance. There are other features as well, like song, otherwise known as mating call, and even still more animal vocalizations and behaviors. We  see elaborate displays in nest building prowess that are utilized to attract the female bird, but on a human level:

Males compete with other males on their ability to attract a large following of women and, who, may also use their attributes such as body size, clothing, car, and intelligence.

Females compete with other women on their ability to attract a male based on their attributes, body size, clothing, car, and intelligence.

“Theories of intra-male competition and mate selection by females consistently portray females as non-competitive and ignore the possibility that females too might compete for mates.”

With human beings there is a much longer required behavioral pattern when it comes to our procreating. We require nine months of gestation and at least 25 years of ‘secure’ service from our mate’s time, but clearly there are initial attractors that attract us to our mate(s) from the beginning. Sexual magnetism can clearly have a strong influence on successful procreative outcomes. Since Epigamic therefore means “sexual prowess”;  What traits, as a human being, do you believe to be successful attracting mechanisms, those traits that will be viewed as indicators for established dominance? And what does sexual attraction mean to you? Is it strictly sexual prowess in the act of sexual reproduction or does it mean something more? If so, can you please elaborate any opinions you may have?

Additionally, if someone is threatening your “terroritory” how do you go about securing its “parameters”?  In other words, If your spouse is cheating, what approach do you recommend? Do you feel threatened if he is “looking” at your next door neighbor wearing a bathing suit? Do you rally your other neighbors to incite a campaign of terror on the potential victim? Are these behaviors seen as acceptable? Is there any behaviors that seem completely unacceptable when it comes to the potential loss of a secure mate?

In light of the Women’s Suffrage Movement of the early twentieth century and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, their established a movement from the less sanctioned living conditions for women of both colors.  Women of today have achieved the right to vote, the right to birth control, the right to hold public office, and the right to wear bikini thong wear at the beach! Whether women actually want to wear this type of clothing at the beach is a completely different issue. At least they have the right to do so if they so choose. Women now get to exercise more of  her influence by wielding her dominance, it’s definitely a cultural phenomenon we are seeing more of in America today. When you take a look at  Mate Guardianship versus America’s Freedom of  Rights, you see the contrast; one is extremely oppressive, while the other is passively aggressive in tone, but still creates social issues and conflicts within its philosophy.

So, any input anyone has regarding this subject will be greatly appreciated. The purpose is to open a discussion regarding the social implications, perceptions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ action, as well as a acquiring different insights and perspectives on this particular issue. So, please comment!  A link to consider Female Aggression and Evolutionary Theory



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