Female Aggression; An Evolutionary Theory


“It is argued that because females have a lower fitness variance and it is more likely that a female will produce at least one offspring that they have less to gain from physical competition among each other and as a result do not engage in competition for mates (Campbell, 1995). However Anne Campbell has made several arguments not only for the existence of female competition but for an evolutionary theory of female competition as well (Campbell 1995; Campbell, Muncer & Odber, 1997; Campbell, Muncer & Bibel, 2001). Campbell argues that the females compete with each other for access to high quality male mates using both physical and indirect aggression. Indirect aggression is characterized by ostracism, verbal harassment and rumor spreading (Burnette & Newman, 2005). When high quality male mates are scarce females who are able to repel other female competitors, by physical means or by social ostracism, have a better chance of reproducing with the higher quality males and producing healthier and more successful offspring.”

I guess some women just need a leash. To read more regarding this theory, click the link below.

Female Aggression; Evolutionary Theory


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